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About TJTCWe work for you since 2013. TJTC  around the world.

Techcarier Machinery strictly controls every product detail, and this requirement has not changed since its establishment.

Techcarier Machinery has ten years of experience in the mining crushing industry. Through continuous accumulation and development, we have developed from crusher spare parts to providing mobile crushing stations and production lines. We hope to gain recognition from more people through our perseverance.

since 2013


Techcarier Machinery continuously improves its capabilities and is committed to providing customers with more thoughtful products and services.

A casting capacity of 10000 tons per year, well-equipped machining equipment, experienced technical and production personnel, a responsible after-sales team, and professional sales personnel.

Provide stable quality products for every customer

FeaturesThe advantages of our company are in the quality of products

TJTC began to control product quality during the casting process, strictly controlling chemical composition, size, heat treatment, etc.

TJTC controls every detail of the production process to maintain the best condition of the product, complete on-site crushing work, and improve crushing efficiency.

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capacityTJTC has casting capabilities More projects

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Delivery processTJTC formulates the delivery process
for crushers (stations) based on different situations

th 1
Confirm product
working conditions
Crushing requirements
Parameter confirmation
Scheme confirmation
Best Choice
th 2
Production Preparation
Quality process control
Factory operation testing
Production completed
th 3
Organize shipment
Transportation plan
Packaging scheme
Track logistics progress
Complete delivery

FAQTJTC has a professional crusher production team to serve you

The selection of fixed crushing production lines and mobile production lines needs to be considered based on various factors such as site conditions, installation cycle requirements, finished product material requirements, transfer requirements, cost control, etc.

The selection of wear-resistant parts for crushers requires comprehensive consideration based on the material of the crushed material, the impurity situation of the crushed material, and the selection of crusher type.

Both high and low temperatures have a significant impact on the crusher; Low temperature areas should consider suitable raw materials, lubrication systems, etc. for low temperatures; High temperature areas should consider the high temperature caused by equipment operation, the equipment’s ability to withstand high temperatures, and the equipment’s heat dissipation capacity.

When choosing a crusher (station), the first thing to consider is the site conditions, crushing material conditions, finished product requirements, and production capacity requirements; Secondly, corresponding selection of crusher specifications, feeding equipment, conveying equipment, and auxiliary equipment for dust removal; Finally, determine the supplier’s service capabilities and product prices.


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